U-Surf Cup 2023 BY SHUTAKU


Date: Saturday, September 23 and Sunday, September 24, 2023
Place: Waikiki Beach Queens

SHUTAKU's Commitment to Empowering Children through
U-Surf Cup

U-Surf Cup organizer Mr. Daniel Uchimura, who coaches local kids surfers, gives kids who love surfing the knowledge and confidence to pursue a professional career similar to competing in the professional world.
We want to give opportunities to children who aim to make it in the world.
It takes a lot of money to aim for the world, and SHUTAKU has supported this activity.

Daniel says, "This competition I'm running is for the next generation.
I've always wanted to give back to the sport and the birthplace of surfing that taught me so much."
And this time, Daniel held this tournament in the hope that it would serve as a stepping stone
for kids surfers to take on the challenge of reaching even higher stages.
We have kept the entry fee low to make it easy for all children to participate,
and increased the number of prizes such as custom surfboards to help improve their surfing skills.


Daniel Uchimura

To all that have entered, staff and volunteers that made this contest great and memorable.
I really can't thank you all enough!!!
It was always a dream of mine to one day hold a contest and give back to my home break at Waikiki
the birth place of longboarding that has shown me and taught me so much in the surfing world.
It was always a dream of mine was to have a world class event for the next generation
of up and coming longboarders from Hawaii.
I wanted to have something like a professional event but for amateurs so he or she can understand
what it feels like to enter a professional contest around the world
if he or she wants to continue the professional career.
When I was growing up I entered a lot of contests and the contest I have held was something like
one of the contests I entered called Uncle China’s.
He always had great prizes, entertainment and foods and we even got a custom board
for winning the event.
Until now there are no contests that are similar that I have seen.
I would like to be the same kind of Uncle China’s for the next generation that wants to enter my event
and can't wait for it to come around every year.
I really can’t thank enough the sponsors of SHUTAKU, MAISEN.US Group and Mr. Queens
because of your support and encouragement I was able to hold this event!!!!!
Honto ni Arigatou Gozaimashita!!!
Kore karamo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!!!!


  • Keiki Boys
    10 and Under
  • Keiki Girls
    10 and Under
  • Youth Boys
  • Youth Girls
  • Jr. Boys
  • Jr. Girls

From left to right,

1st Yoni Amir 2nd Kingston Palakiko 3rd Jaizen Jo Puahi 4th Rowen Nixon 5th Kenta Uchimura 6th Mateus Vellalos

From left to right,

1st Kea Chung 2nd Lilinoe Belmoro 3rd Malayna Schiffner 4th Sennit Hong 5th Lala Amir 6th Keenah Fujimura

From left to right,

1st Na’o Clifton 2nd Haven Schmalfeldt 3rd Po’i Tomas 4th Cade Bernier 5th Isaiah Dobson 6th Phenix Rose

From left to right,

1st Taylor Kini 2nd Riley Hughes 3rd Ehukai Tomas 4th Tayani Del Rosario 5th Hati Amir 6th Lotus Manatad-Watson

From left to right,

1st Kaimana Domen 2nd Sean Louis 3rd Hezekiah Lagestee 4th Konan Riddleberger

From left to right,

1st Puaiohi DeFries 2nd Bella Eberz 3rd Joie Kaiu 4th Zoe Globen

U-Surf Cup Highlights

[ DAY 1 ]

[ DAY 2 ]

[ DAY 1 ]

[ DAY 2 ]


MAISEN.US INC., a SHUTAKU group company based in Honolulu, Hawai’i, manages and operates
three brands: vein at KAKA’AKO, Dell's Kitchen & Bakery and Mio Pastalogy.
MAISEN.US played a big role in this contest, and served Kawagoe Yakisoba,
Joshuwagyu Teriyaki Burger, Musubi Rice Balls, Karaage Fried Chicken
and Bakery Items for free to contestants, officials and visitors at the venue.

Dell's Kitchen & Bakery’s Food truck

Kawagoe Yakisoba(served only on the 23rd)

Teriyaki Burger(served only on the 24th)

Yummy!Kids surfers also enjoyed yakisoba.

Tote bag

Sports towel by SHUTAKU


Poncho by SHUTAKU

All goods are not for sale.